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High-powered wire strippers that fly.

When you’re stripping tough wire in volume, nothing compares to the Eubanks pneumatic AirLine of high-powered wire strippers:

Strips wire twice as fast.
The quickest way to improve your wire shop productivity is to increase the performance of your wire strippers. That’s where Eubanks excels.

Because other wire strippers don’t compare to the high-volume capacity, speed, and
value of our new AirStrip pneumatic wire strippers— the Eubanks AirLine.

Imagine what cutting and stripping up to 10,800 pieces per hour would do to your productivity. Double it? Triple it? Quintuple it?

Check it out. Compare the high production rates of Eubanks’s rugged family of pneumatic wire strippers to those of any electric stripper on the market—regardless of wire type.

You’ll find it’s no contest.

Clean-strips your toughest wire.
Today’s wire is changing. Insulation is stronger, often more flexible, and harder to cut. Cross-linked polyethylene, Teflon (TFE), Tefzel ETFE), Kynar (PVDF), Nylon, fiberglass, silicone rubber, fiber optic cable with Kevlar, and others can slow stripping to a crawl. Kevlar even stops bullets.

Such tough wire-stripping applications virtually demand the high energy of Eubanks air power. Because other wire strippers just won’t cut it.

Built rugged for long life.
Ask old timers in the business why the name “Eubanks” has virtually become generic for wire stripping, cutting, and marking. It’s not just because we got there early. It’s
because Eubanks pneumatic strippers are built to last. They’re simpler, easier to repair, and virtually bulletproof.

We still supply parts and accessories for early pneumatic machines sold over 35 years ago. Customers know them to be tough and resilient—the antithesis of “planned obsolescence.”

We say extended life means good performance just as much as high production rates and more power. And that boils down to better economics.

Returns your investment in weeks, not years.
Rocket science is not required to see the economic benefits of the Eubanks AirLine. Other strippers can’t match the return that these air-powered strippers provide.

Because they:

• Work two or three times faster,
• Provide full operation for many more years,
• Adapt to more applications and wire sizes,
• Do tough jobs that others can’t, and
• Cost significantly less money to buy.

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