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The Model 6610 Automatic Wire Stacker is designed to complement all Eubanks AutoStrip wire strippers. It is simple and highly efficient. The AutoStrip's wire ejection belts feed the wire into the stacker's gate. When the wire is cut, a pneumatic pulse from the stripper opens the gate permitting the wire to fall into a collection trough. No electric power is required. A pneumatic tube is the only connection to the wire stripper.

Many types and sizes of wire can be stacked efficiently. The maximum length of wire that can be stacked may be limited when the wire is very small and flexible.

Model 6610 Automatic Wire Stacker


Wire Sizes: 0.030 in. to .563 in. O.D. (0.76 mm to 14.3 mm)
Wire Lengths: 0.125 in. to 98 in. (.3.18 mm to 2489 mm)
Height: Adjustable from 36.5 in. to 43 in. (927 mm to 1092 mm)
Length: 98 in. (2480 mm)
Weight: 80 lbs. (36 kg)
Shipping Weight: 137 lbs. (62 kg)
Air Pressure: 100 psi (700 kPA)
Air Consumption: 0.0 15 CFM (0.0004 m3/min.)

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