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Reduce your inventories and your labor costs
with Eubanks Wire Markers

Model 67200 (center) can be used with Eubanks wire strippers for either end marking or continuous marking at pre-set intervals. Shown with 6415 Belt Drive Prefeed (left) and 4900 AutoStrip Programmable Wire Stripper (right). 67200 and 4900 shown mounted on optional #60850-00 Cabinet Bases.

Eubanks wire marking machines mark wire clearly and permanently through the use of marking foil and heated marking discs. By providing positive, easy-to-read wire identification, these machines permit the exclusive use of white wire or wire of a single, solid color. They eliminate time consuming processes, such as tagging or sleeving, and the need for large inventories of colored wire. Eubanks marking discs are precision-made. Pressure, heat and dwell-time are all closely controlled to assure consistent high-quality marking. The discs are easily rotated to make character changes. (The AutoTab, a fully auto- mated machine described in a separate product bulletin, offers motorized disc changing.)


WIRE SIZES - Standard Eubanks wire markers will mark wire sizes ranging from 0.035" to 0.150" O.D. (0.89 to 3.81mm). With conversion kits, they will accommodate up to 0.300" O.D.(7.6mm).

MARKING DISCS - The tool steel discs on which the characters are engraved are heat treated then chrome plated for long life. The accuracy of the character height is held to + or - 0.001" (0.025mm). Each disc has 39 characters (the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, right and left arrows, and a dash) plus a blank spot. Special order discs are available with custom characters.

HEAT CONTROL - Marking disc temperature is set by a con- controller on the front panel. Once the discs reach the desired temperature, it will be maintained until the machine is shut off or the setting changed.

MAGNIFYING GLASS - The Eubanks marking head has a built-in, lighted magnifying glass for reading the orienting characters on the marking discs.

STAMPING PRESSURE - Compressed air pressure is controlled by a regulator and gauge on the front panel. The machines should be connected to a compressed air source with pressure of 80- 100 psi (5.5 - 7.0kg/cm2). Stamping pressure is reduced to 25 - 60 psi (1.75 - 4.22kg/cm2), depending on the type of insulation being marked and the number of characters being printed.

DWELL - Dwell-time, the time the marking discs and foil are in contact with the wire, is variable from 20 to 900 milliseconds and is controlled from the front panel or keyboard, depending on the machine model.

ANVILS - The anvil serves to position the wire accurately and to cradle it when the foil and type are pressed against it. Anvils are made of aluminum, and are custom made to fit the O.D. of the material to be marked to the nearest 0.001" (O.025mm). Special anvils are available for limp, small diameter wire and parallel conductor wires.

FOIL FEED - The foil feed mechanism moves the foil forward each time the machine cycles. It will accommodate foil in rolls from 1/2" to 3 1/2" wide (12.7- 88.9mm) and up to 600' long (185m).

MARKING FOIL - Foils are available for marking all of the commonly used insulations, such as Teflon, PVC, Kapton, etc.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Machines are supplied with 10 marking discs and three anvils as standard equipment. They may be ordered with fewer discs or with as many as 30.

POWER - Electrical - 115 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz. Compressed Air - 80- 100 psi (5.5- 7.0kg/cm2), minimum of 1/2" I.D. (12.7mm) air line from air source to machine.

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