Programmable wire strippers

Programmable wire strippers
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Eubanks Programmable Wire Strippers / Wire Processors

The Eubanks AutoStrip Series of all-electric, fully programmable wire strippers offers easy setups, with programmable strip depth and strip lengths. These machines also offer storage for 90 programs (plus an RS232C interface), rubber drive belts for accuracy and gentle wire handling, and quiet operation.Three models, all with the same advanced technology, cover a wide range of wire sizes, strip lengths, production rates and price. Each will handle wire as small as 32 AWG and provide a minimum strip length of 1/32".

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AutoStrip 8000 Most versatile of the three, the 8000 will cut and strip wire sizes up to 4 AWG and multi-conductor cable as large as 9/16" in diameter or width. It can produce strip lengths of up to 20 inches on each end of a wire.

AutoStrip 7400 Next largest in size, the 7400 will handle wire sizes up to 8 AWG and multi-conductor and flat cable up to 5/16" in diameter or width.

AutoStrip 4900

The 4900 is a small machine that packs big machine performance. It will accommodate wire up to 10 AWG and multi-conductor and flat cable up to 1/4" in diameter or width.

Model 8000 | Model 7400 | Model 4900

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AutoStrip features and "How the AutoStrip Works"

Programmable Wire Strippers

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