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Model 3751 Wire & Cable Stripper

Eubanks Model 3751 wire stripper and cable stripper

Typical ApplicationsThis machine is intended for such applications as stripping the ends of a harness after assembly, stripping the conductors of a multi-conductor cable, and stripping precut leads or coaxial cables. It will accommodate wire sizes from #6 to #30 AWG, plus various sizes of coaxial cable. Strip lengths are adjustable from 1/8" to 1 3/8" full strip and 1/8" to 3 1/8" semi-strip.

Model 4850 Automatic Wire Stripper

The Super 8 is a bench-mounted stripper that can be equipped to strip eight different wire sizes, each with a different strip length. This means that the machine can be ready at any time to handle most (per haps all) of your most commonly used wire sizes - 12 to 26 AWG, for example. Or perhaps you will want to equip it to strip coaxial cable at two points plus six single conductor wires.

The Super 8 is ideal for stripping the ends of a harness with several different wire sizes, or the wires in a multi-conductor cable. It requires free wire (the length between your
finger tips and the end of the wire) of only 1 3/8" plus the strip length. For example, with a strip length of 1/4" your first tie could be as close as 1 5/8" to the wire ends.

The machine is powered by compressed air and does not require electricity You simply insert the wire in the designated guide bushing and pull it out after the machine cydes. The machine does the stripping - not the operator. It operates when the wire contacts an air "trigger." The whole operation, including insertion and withdrawal, takes about a second. Each guide bushing is identified by a replaceable label. A sheet of pressure sensitive labels is provided with each machine. These include several sets of numerals and a number of blanks. The Super 8 is always ready, thus eliminating the need for blade changes or adjustments each time you want to strip a different wire, or the need for a separate machine or tool for each wire size.

It is designed for dean, no-nick stripping and uses the same precision made die-type blades that are used in other Eubanks wire strippers. Strip length is easily adjustable from 1/8" to 1 1/8"


Wire Insulation Diameter: .030"-.225" (0.8 mm - 5.7 mm)
Strip Lengths:   Infinitely adjustable from 3/32 "- 1 1/8"
(2.4 mm-28 mm)
Free Wire Length Required:   1 3/8" (36 mm) plus strip length
Stripping Blades:   Standard Eubanks die-type blades
Wire Types:   Will strip PVC, Teflon, Kapton,
Kynar Raychem, Mil-Ene, rubber, fiberglass, and other wrapped or extruded materials.
Wire Sizes:   10-26 AWG stranded (5.0 mm2-.125 mm2). 12-26 AWG solid (3.0 mm2-.125 mm2). Coaxial cable to .225" 0. D. (5.7 mm). Parallel conductor wire with largest dimension to .225" (5.7 mm). Special tooling required.
Cycle Time:   Approximately 1 second including insertion and withdrawal.
Compressed air at 60 psi (42 kg/cm2). Will operate between 40 psi and 80 psi (2.8- 5.6 kg/cm2). Does not require electric power.
Tooling:   Each wire size, including differences in conductor and/or insulation diameters, requires a separate blade/ clamp/guide bushing set Blades are standard Eubanks die-type blades.
Dimension:   11 3/8" W x 6" H x 14" D (289 mm W x 152 mm H x 356 mm D)
Weight:   Net weight 38 lbs (17 kg). Shipping weight 46 lbs (21 kg).
How To Order Tooling   A separate blade/clamp/guide bushing set is required for each wire size. Wires of the same gage (conductor diameter) but with different insulation diameters will require separate sets. In ordering a machine, please supply wire AWG size (or area in mm2) and state whether wire is stranded or solid.


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